Neighborhood Heroes Donate Emergency Backpacks to FHN

Posted on 07/22/2019
Cottleville Firefighters Outreach, St. Charles County Ambulance District, and FHN teacher Stephen Moorman

When it comes to safety, FHN is willing to get creative to prepare students and staff for different emergency situations. The Safety Committee at FHN has brainstormed some additional opportunities to ensure safety in the school, including an idea to provide emergency backpacks in each classroom. With the generous support of Cottleville Firefighters Outreach (CFO) and St. Charles County Ambulance District (SCCAD) Outreach, 150 backpacks were assembled for FHN to use in case of an emergency.

Each backpack contains supplies appropriate for a variety of hazards, including materials to treat a wound and whistles to signal for emergency help. Other supplies include bandages, tourniquets, and flashlights. While the bags are already full of emergency aid, the plan is to expand the collection with more items over time.

Cottleville Firefighters“In the event of a disaster, emergency services are going to take a while to respond to each individual classroom,” said Garrett Ryan, Executive Director of CFO. “FHN wants to make sure that if that happens, kids and teachers will have the opportunity to start treating themselves or get help if they need it.” An emergency situation could result in multiple people needing assistance at one time. These backpacks will be available for students and staff to support themselves and others while help is on the way.

“Unfortunately with the things we see in the world today, we want to make sure that we have a safe environment while we educate students,” said FHN teacher Stephen Moorman, the former head of the Safety Committee. “Any way we can make our students and staff feel safe is worth every minute we put into proper planning and preparedness.”

“I think the backpacks are an awesome idea,” said Ryan. “They give students and teachers an opportunity to be more self-sufficient in an emergency.” The backpacks are also a reminder that ultimately, we are all responsible for our safety. “Knowing that they might be responsible for taking care of themselves and each other for a while is an important concept to instill,” continued Ryan.

In addition to the backpacks, FHN hopes to work with student groups to provide first aid training. Moorman points out that in an emergency situation, multiple people would be prepared and ready to help. “We could be preparing them to use these skills later on in life, so we’re making them life-long learners.”

CFO and SCCAD deliver emergency backpacks to FHN    CFO and SCCAD deliver emergency backpacks to FHN

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